Saying Goodbye.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine without taking the time to step back and look at things in the bigger picture. 

I went to Pholia Farm in Oregon a couple of weeks ago to watch the farm while my friends and mentors took a well deserved and long overdue family vacation. Timing could not have been better. I had been working myself into the ground and my brain capacity was dwindling. It became difficult to keep track of what I was thinking about while my mind kept shooting off reminders of all the things that I hadn't yet had time to tackle. 

Breeding season is fast approaching (we have actually already started) which always makes you think about what you want for the following year. It became clear to me while up in Oregon that we needed to make some smart changes. My first goat love, Luna, is not a good milker. I fell in love with her without any knowledge or care of if she might be a decent dairy goat or not. Turns out, she was not. These past two years with her have been so wonderful. She gave us our only girl the first year of this adventure and I'll be forever grateful. Sadly, I have realized that it is time to say goodbye to my sweet Luna and her daughter, Floyd. They have a very strong bond and must stay together. 

This story isn't all bad news though. As it turns out, it is actually good news in disguise. Five of our wethers have been adopted by a family with a huge 200 acre ranch in Ojai where they have dreams of opening a baseball camp. They have been falling in love with our boys, one by one and when I decided to say goodbye to a couple of our girls, I first thought of them. As it turns out, they are ready now to expand their horizons and have a few girls in their little herd. I couldn't send Luna and Floyd off to just anyone. It has to be the BEST place. This is that place.  They will really be living the life up there, running around the wilderness accompanied by their human. I'm sad to say goodbye but so happy their goatie dreams are coming true.

Amanda NunezComment