meet our team



Introducing the newest member of our team, Oswald! This little guy was born early December, 2017 and joined our team in early 2018. With tons of love and training, he will be protecting our chickens and goats in no time.


Oats & Ivy is a small farm in Southern California focused on working towards natural and organic farming practices. It is home to 70-something animals including Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, humans, dogs, and cats. The goal of Oats & Ivy is to live a life of self-sufficiency, always striving to do better by the earth, the animals, and our neighbors while sharing, learning, and being part of the community.

How did we end up farming? Check out our bios below for a little more about how we met and what led us to this kind of life.

Our small yet productive garden space rotates crops year round to make the most of the SoCal climate. We grow what we can to feed our family, the animals, and our Spoon Barn dinners. Organic practices are very important to us. We’re establishing new permanent plants constantly which, most recently, includes a new fruit tree orchard, berries and grapes. Diversity is what we love about this land and are constantly working to improve.

Scott Peterson


“I get to light it on fire? Yes!”

Scott’s first memory in the kitchen was touching the hot stove that his mother told him NOT to touch. His second culinary memory was around age 11, when he cooked cherries jubilee for his family on Thanksgiving. He got to light it on fire. From there, his passion grew and eventually carried him to the Culinary Institute of America in New York, where he met Amanda.

While in New York, he worked hard to earn an internship at the now two Michelin Star restaurant, Aquavit, where his skills flourished. After New York, his adventurous spirit led him to travel and experience food in different parts of the west, where he learned great respect for agriculture and knowing where your food and ingredients come from.

It was a quick transition to wanting to develop the skills needed to grow the ingredients that are the foundation for great food. He now enjoys his “time off” running the farm with Amanda and caring for their many animals. Along the way, he also fell madly in love with coffee and found himself in coffee bliss working at Ragamuffin, where he is able to further develop his palate.

Scott is passionate about working the land to help it reach its full potential. He is constantly trying to absorb more information and learn how to better grow and care for the land. His passion for sustainability and efficiency help create new ideas and plans for the different sections of the farm. As all farms, it is a work in progress, going forward each and every day.

Coming full circle, the pair is combining their love of farming and food in a series of Spoon Barn dinners focused on showcasing small and sustainable organic farms and their ingredients.

Amanda Nuñez


If Amanda was a superhero, she would be called Captain Enthusiasm. A strong belief in happiness is what drives her every day.

At a fairly young age, she fell in love with food and cooking which led her to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where she met Scott. She worked hard and gained positions in great restaurants and resorts with the idea planted in the back of her mind that someday, somehow, she would have a farm with goats and make cheese. Everything in her life has led her to where she is now.

Her experiences traveling and living in different parts of the west have encouraged her to live in the now and do what makes her happy. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Amanda was excited to learn from the best and moved their little newly-wed family to Oregon, where they learned to care for goats, make better cheese, run a creamery, and enjoy life even more. With no original intention to bring goats home that summer, they ended up bringing back three beautiful, sassy, spunky girls to start their little herd of dairy animals. The herd has doubled in a year and Amanda is furthering her skills in cheese-making and milk soap-crafting.

The farm is growing little by little and Amanda and Scott have big dreams for the future. In the meantime, they will continue to love each day and care for their farm, plant crops, make cheese, sell their goods at the farmer’s market, and work on new menus for Spoon Barn dinners.