We aren't kidding about this!

Photo credit: Colin Brown

Photo credit: Colin Brown


we are waiting for our NINE pregnant ladies to pop by the end of march. We expect to have somewhere around 25 baby goats in total. It is going to be WAY too cute around here. Goat yoga (Now on the farm!)  will commence sometime in March when there are enough kids and they are big enough. Sign up under the CONTACT tab to be notified when you can start reserving your spot for our Baby Goats & Yoga classes. We promise you it will be the most adorable and ridiculous yoga class you'll ever take.

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine

We have been written up! Robin Berger, a yogi and writer, joined us for one of our last Baby Goats & Yoga classes this year along with Ottocina Ryan, owner and editor of the magazine, and Stephanie Plomarity, a photographer and new friend of ours. The article is beautiful! Get out there and find yourself a copy today! SB Life & Style. Read the article HERE!



We will be selling our Natural Goat’s Milk Soap, goat totes, and more:

Westlake Village Farmer's Market - Sundays 9am -2pm

Camarillo Farmer's Market - Saturdays 8am - 12pm

ALSO, we have been working on some new products. Pay us a visit to see what we've been cooking up! Sign up for notifications under the Contact tab.