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 Photo credit: Colin Brown

Photo credit: Colin Brown


we finished up our kidding season with 22 baby goats from our 9 moms. We had some difficult ones but with love, patience, and some mid-wife skills, everyone (moms and babies) is doing well. most of this year's kids are already reserved but there are a few available who would make excellent pets/weed eaters for you! Get in touch with us if you have any questions about adopting a couple of goat friends for you and your farmily. I warn you though, you will fall in love so fast!

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine

We have been written up! Robin Berger, a yogi and writer, joined us for one of our last Baby Goats & Yoga classes this year along with Ottocina Ryan, owner and editor of the magazine, and Stephanie Plomarity, a photographer and new friend of ours. The article is beautiful! Get out there and find yourself a copy today! SB Life & Style. Read the article HERE!



We will be selling our Natural Goat’s Milk Soap, goat totes, and more:

Westlake Village Farmer's Market - Sundays 9am -2pm

Camarillo Farmer's Market - Saturdays 8am - 12pm

Thousand oaks farmer's market - Thursdays 1:30pm - 6pm

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