Goat Yoga Gift Certificate for One

Goat Yoga Gift Certificate for One


Oats & Ivy Farm is so thrilled to announce that we have 10 expecting mamma goats due between the end of January and mid-May. With that many mothers, we should have oodles of babies bouncing around and ready to help you get your yoga on. Gift the gift of goat yoga to someone special.

Recipients of this gift will need to contact us directly once the classes have been scheduled to reserve their space for a particular date and time. A few days before the event, an email will go out to all participants with the address and remaining details. The address of the farm (In Somis, CA) will not be given without a ticket!

What to bring and what to wear: Oats & Ivy Farm will supply yoga mats/yoga towels. Guests should dress appropriately to be on a farm and have goats jumping on them, AKA, probably don’t wear your best and most expensive white yoga attire as it will likely collect some hoof prints! Bring something to tie up any long hair and we encourage to not wear necklaces or earrings. Goats love to nibble on dangly things like hair and jewelry. Last, we encourage guests to wear a shirt that fully covers your back and shoulders.


Specific classes have yet to be scheduled but are typically happening once or twice per week on Saturdays/Sundays in the afternoon from March through May. Once the classes have been scheduled, they will be emailed to our mailing list (sign up under the ‘contact’ tab), posted on the website as well as on our social media (Instagram - @OatsAndIvyFarm, and facebook @OatsAndIvyFarm)

Classes are typically between 15 and 25 people, while the baby goats are free to wander and climb all over the yogis. Our yoga instructors have worked with us for a few years and give you a good yoga class tailored around the babies. Feel free to send us an email if you have any more questions.

See you on the farm!

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