2018 Kids of oats & ivy farm

Enjoy these adorable photos of our 'kids' born on our farm this year.

Pholia Farm Cs stella / casa la palma galileo

One doeling, one buckling. Born January 28th, 2018; BOTH KIDS SOLD

Pholia Farm Cs stitch / casa la palma galileo

Two doelings, two bucklings. Born february 12th, 2018; ALL KIDS SOLD!

Pholia Farm UB Poppy / Elfin Acres ET Huckleberry

Two doelings, one buckling, Born February 25th, 2018; One buckling available

Pholia Farm RD nibs / elfin acres et huckleberry

three bucklings. Born march 6th, 2018; Two bucklings available

oats and ivy fl strudel / oats and ivy hb bruichladdich

One doeling, one buckling. Born march 6th, 2018; both kids sold

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